check Out The April Fools’ Day Murder By Lee Harris

Is there a pattern on “Darth Vader” and “Star Wars”? located on Google Trend and Yahoo Buzz. Having said that, there are 135,000 international Google monthly searches for “Darth Vader”. one,220,000 for “Star Wars”. The video is targeting a enormous current market.

most popular business blogs popular parenting blogs A fake scratch-off ticket looks just like the real thing, and when your victim removes the scratch-off circles, the ticket appears to be a big winner. However, when your victim looks closely at their “gift,” she will find that it is completely fake. Better luck next time!

On a snowy best internet blogs, the vet dropped the bomb. There was nothing more he could do. Sugar was dying and in terrible suffering. the most popular fashion blogs was put down that morning.

most popular parenting blogs So forget April 6 for now. We’ll be at war, or not, and there’s not much you can do about it, or about the devastating effects of Iran’s expected retaliation. I won’t even mention the most obvious or the most likely. The most likely is the end of superpower Amerika – which, incidentally, is well under way, war or no war.

cool travel blog websites What happens, happens. We’ll find out soon enough. Maybe too soon. Maybe we should put all our hopes in one of the presidential candidates. Pick a warmonger of your choice. Then again, as how to write a travel blog , we don’t really have a choice. Do we? We had one. Ron Paul. We could have had it all. Instead, we choose destruction.

We are also sending Patriot anti-missle systems to the area – and for the first time since our invasion of Iraq in March, 2003, our Navy has achieved the same numerical presence in the Persian Gulf.

The biggest videos are known as viral videos due to the way in which they spread. These are the videos that you will see spread across the social networks of the Internet, and the videos that are often the most talked about. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to predict whether or not a video will go viral.

The Bieber or Die website is an free blog with a hefty price tag, if he had to pay to rent the website for the day (somehow I doubt that). It’s full of viral Justin Bieber videos including “Dramatic Bieber”, “Bieber vs. Chuck Norris vs. Bear”, and “Bieber After the Dentist”. So does this mean we’ll soon see a rise in Bieberrolling? And where’s how do you make money blogging ? Surely there has to be some prank blogs involving the indestructible action star in the works.

Now, blog websites list of video marketing is going viral. What this means is that a video is so cool, funny, weird, out-there, entertaining or mind-blowing that everybody who sees it tells all of their friends about it. These are the videos that climb into the millions of views. Every video marketer prays each night for a viral news!

Did you know that there are some things you can do at 30 miles per hour? Putting a shirt on an agile toddler is not one of those things. Around the chair. Over the back of the couch. Under the table. Into the bathroom. SLAM!