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Restart on the pc got stuck. Looked at the suggestions here and finally tested with a generic Power supply and the thing works fine. I also have been having this problem with my dell I have four USB ports in the back and have not figured out which one is doing it but unplugging the USB ports fixed the problem with the on switch blinking orange and keeping my computer from booting. The new PSU does not boot, and I have the orange blinking light while the old one still boots. Overheating has always been an issue with there systems and out company stop buying from them a long time ago. The power light on the front blinks. I will be checking all the other suggestions tonight, but wanted to get some opinions about the problem being on and off.

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Chnged the 3V battery. When I remove one of the batteries everything seems to be OK again.

Can anyone help me? I did check the power supply unit and did find that 2 of the caps are gone! I am not getting what happend to my laptop.

Problem is intermittant, but becomming more frequent. After installing new psu and powering up everything works fine.

Anyway this User experience knowledge base is so invaluable. What does it mean?

I just fixed my dell dimension simply by having the power supply replaced. Again, Dell says this the the most cobtroller solution to the problem. Only the new power supplies fan would come on. You guys are sooo awesome!!!!

A Blinking Orange Power Light

After gz520 this posting, I tried several things, as it turns out, dell gx520 sm bus controller was my USB keyboard. March 26, at O Well no go there so i flipped it back and guess what!?! When I unplug it, the computer starts just fine. Was caused by two bent pins on one of the USB ports on the rear of the machine.

Fitted it back in securely, and the system worked perfectly. Just took out the 3v battery off the mobo dusted contrlller off and replaced and she turned on, green light and all.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

September 21, at 1: The power button would flash for 30 seconds controllrr lights a and c were on and orange. March 5, at Dell gx520 sm bus controller orange flashing powerlight! Holding the power button down till it goes away. The hard drive is incased in a plastic holder which I think adds to the build up of heat and since running the computer with the cover removed the dreaded orange blinky light has not returned hope this helps.

The last dell I had, had the same flashing light problem. December 3, at 5: No joy, so I replaced the mainboard. Sometimes the flashing is steady, sometimes it dell gx520 sm bus controller inconsistent. I bought a larger disk for the so that my daughter could use it and before I could even put it bu I thought Dell gx520 sm bus controller should check for any remaining stuff on the HD. March 21, at Homework deadlines do not care about computer issues, I hope it is not serious, tax returns are a long ways off yet.

Replaced fan in the power supply: Once I fixed them, the computer powered back on as normal! Powered back up and same problem. Could you help me in this problem.

In my case it was the small circuit board in the front of the case that runs the power switch, front usb, and audio jacks. The hard drive light would only blink once for a split second and then go off for good.

I dell gx520 sm bus controller an orange blinking power light on my dell dimension Amber light on front keeps flashing. February 1, at 8: July 7, at 1: I will receive a new power supply from Dell ddell the next couple days.

Good luck out there, and if you fixed you problem by adjusting a USB port, I envy you. There is also built in diagnostic that can be run from the BIOS.

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