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Hey Opus, so far as I know, you can only reset the drums via replacing the fuse. You don’t have to take any photos. The drums are rated at 20, pages, so if you look after them they should last two or three times longer than that. We agree on that there are 8 buttons total on the C, right? Instead you change the “life limit” to get more use out of the drum.

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It’s networked, is that the “n”?


Perhaps the waste toner is getting blocked up in the transport mechanism in the left end piece of the drum unit. I cannot tell for sure how to do this via software-reset. Oki c810 printer haven’t refilled these yet, and I won’t be. Up till Oki c810 printer did the reset I only had a toner sensor error which has now been cleared.

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Please enable Cookies on your browser and try again. I have tried several times and in never works.

I think that when people say “burned toner” they really mean “used toner” that cannot be reused. I can’t figure out the way to oki c810 printer toners reset: Another good source is Static Control. Any success on this problem? And it was only 2 and a half years old.

If anyone can explain how “wiped” toner wiped from the drum, I presumeor “burned toner,” could ever go back up to the toner “cartridge” I would like to hear the explanation oki c810 printer how this could happen. I have refilled and oki c810 printer could not understand why that was happening. Any other advice for the oki c The 8 steps procedure also works in my printet c Google found this page with one click and my c was reset and printing perfectly in under two prjnter Check out the waste toner for price at www.

Basically clean things, as fast as you can to get the drums back in there quickly. After that point the original key sequences I gave will do the trick. I buy my aftermarket toners oki c810 printer Uninet and have had no problems.

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Thank you for relating your trials and tribulations before, it saved me from running out and buying new drums to try and work this out. Let oki c810 printer know about how it goes. After market toner oki c810 printer cheap and works fine. I’ve replaced the starter toner cartridges and now want to refill the replacement cartridges with “bulk” toner. Taping the sensor works, but you have to use duct tape or equivalent to hold the white spot.

There are also life limits for toners, drums, prijter units, belts etc, which can be changed from the default values.

After turning on the oi, it states “initializing”, then suddenly makes a oki c810 printer “CRACK” such as if one of the cogwheels of the drum prunter or transfer belt are blocked. Is it worth the mess??? Has anyone had experience replacing the drum in the drum mechanism? These cartridges also have a sensor system that detects the motion of the toner stirring rod, and will cause the printer to give a oki c810 printer toner’ warning, but it does kki directly influence the printer in calculating the estimated toner level.

That should be buttons 1 and 5 pressed while starting. It will save you lots of that green stuff called money. When waste toner fills up the waste “holder” in the toner cartridge, it will overflow and cause streaking and jam the gears in the image drum.

But oki c810 printer you need the reset fuses for the drums and belt.

For example, you cannot put toner qualified for use in one manufacturer’s printer oki c810 printer a different manufacturer’s oki c810 printer. Press button 2 to scroll through menu items. Yes for a while but then the toner out message appears. Both drums were obtained from www.

They work with 4 LED print heads not laser built into the cover of the unit.

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